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Construction Site Management

The YPOSTIRIXIS Group with its long-term experience in the field of construction and with the staff it has can manage construction sites from any phase of the project to the final delivery.

The company YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP performs a full range of construction and installation works throughout Greece. In order for the erected buildings to comply with safety standards, be durable and reliable, it is important to use the services of professionals during the construction and repair of buildings. We guarantee the appropriate, high-quality and prompt execution of construction projects of any complexity.

Our staff includes many teams, each of which specializes in performing a specific type of work.

It should be noted that all activities are carried out on the basis of a preliminary estimate and a project approved by the client.

Thus, the Client knows the cost of construction and the time of its completion.

  • Defining Purpose
  • Organization
  • Control

Definition of purpose (project goal/initiation), i.e. clear definition of it
goal to be achieved. Everyone involved in the project must
they are fully informed and well trained in the needs of the existing project.

The purpose should be explained in terms of the basic triptych
parameters of each project, which are time, cost and
quality. These parameters are interdependent.

Organization and coordination of human resources, so that they function as a productive unit.
To achieve this, it is necessary to determine the way and the
frequency of communication with each other, given that the group that
involved in each project consists of employed in different
tasks and positions of responsibility.

It is the combination of structures, procedures and operating rules to ensure efficiency. Therefore, organization is the process by which the set of tasks required to achieve the company's goals is classified into individual tasks, distributed to the appropriate executives, who are simultaneously assigned the relevant responsibilities and allocated the appropriate resources.

Therefore, the organization is usually expressed by:

  • Organization chart, which presents the organizational structure.
  • Division of work.
  • Delegation of authority to lower levels of management.
  • Segmentation of functions

Control for the YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP is the systematic monitoring of the actions of the various members of the company, to verify and correct any deviations from the goals that have been set.

There are many ways we control as we have developed our own quality control and project control system. The control function is not independent of the programming function. The two functions are or should be organically linked.

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