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Elaboration of Studies

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Preparation of Studies

Our company has extensive experience in the design of residential buildings, individual apartments, houses, townhouses, settlements, apartment buildings, residential complexes, commercial properties, offices, public buildings, shops, shopping centers, sports facilities.

  • Architectural Research
  • Structural Design
  • E/M Research

Integrated design and development of buildings and complexes, industrial enterprises, from the interior of private houses and apartments to luxury country houses.

Development of architectural solutions, concepts, renderings, interior design, master plan, work documentation, mechanical and structural departments, field supervision, as well as permitting.

The main task of construction design is the formation of the external appearance of the building and the surrounding area.

The characteristics of the construction site are taken into account, the possibility and feasibility of using various materials and technologies to carry out the work is analyzed.

Based on the preliminary design approved by the Customer, the results of technical investigations and other initial data on the object, the preparation of the technical documentation required for the construction is carried out.

The solutions adopted at the design stage are refined in the process of detailed study, carrying out the calculation of the building structures of the building as a whole and its individual elements.

Before the development of the project begins, an analysis is made of the most economically feasible spatial planning solutions that meet the purpose of the building and the requirements imposed on it by the Client. The construction design includes the development of all sections that describe the complex of construction and installation works.

After choosing to collect the initial data and agreeing the main conceptual option with the Client, they proceed directly to the design of the installation.

The Urban Planning Code defines the requirements for objects of capital construction and the rules for the development of technical documentation for them. There are also listed categories of buildings and structures, the design documentation for which must be agreed by the construction expert bodies.

The initial data for the design, in addition to the pre-design phase solutions, are technical surveys carried out on the future construction site. This data is essential for connecting the concept of an object to the specific conditions of the construction site, designing external mechanical networks and developing a master plan.

YPOSTIRIXIS ERGON provides services for the preparation of Ε/Μ research for the issuance of planning permission and application.

Undertakes the design and study of Electromechanical projects in accordance with Greek Legislation and European standards.

During the preparation of the studies, all the necessary predictions are made, so that the result of the E/M guarantees functionality, reliability and low cost.

Studies are being carried out

  • Water supply / drainage studies.
  • Air conditioning systems (heating, cooling, ventilation).
  • Fire safety-fire protection studies.
  • Studies of firefighting complexes.
  • Studies of Electrical - Electrical Installations

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