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Company Policy

YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP was created by Voutsas Ioannis in 1988 and is one of the largest construction companies in Greece with a strong presence in the construction, development and real estate exploitation sectors.

Since then, it has been intensively active in the undertaking and execution of a wide range of Public and Private projects with large budgets and complex know-how, such as buildings, hospitals, industrial facilities, etc. Its strong and efficient organizational structure ensures a dominant presence in important areas of business activity.

Having traced a path of more than 35 years, the YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP succeeded in developing a multifaceted activity, accumulating significant experience and know-how in the entire scope of the work object, having today the ability to carry out the most complex and demanding projects.

YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP is characterized by extroversion, having established its presence in European countries where it employs an increasing number of personnel for the consistent and continuous processing of its undertaking projects. The emphasis placed on the international orientation is constantly confirmed by the steadily increasing progress of its operations outside the Greek borders.

Corporate Quality

YPOSTIRIXIS GROUP is a socially responsible organization, whose philosophy and by extension the operation, is inspired by the principles of corporate social responsibility, with basic concern for people, the environment and culture. The operation is implemented through the company’s procedures defined by the operation manual in which they are documented to be consistent with the provisions of all the aforementioned standards, ensuring that the efficient and effective Quality Management is permanent and continuously improved.

The aim of YPOSTIRIXIS is to establish a long and sustainable relationship with customers by eliminating any impact on the environment, ensuring the health, development and well-being of our employees and partners, committed to and complying with the law.

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